Badgerhands.org assists Wisconsin technical education in schools, providing meaningful project ideas and resources for STEM students.

Our emphasis is making it easy to 3D print and assemble the hands and arms publicly available through the e-NABLE community.

About Us

We are the state-wide chapter of e-NABLE. The e-NABLE community supports production of 3D printed upper limb prosthetics. By 3D printing the major components of a prosthetic, we reduce the cost of delivering a hand or arm to about $50. In contrast, a professional prosthetic arm might cost about $30,000 to produce.

Most prosthetics produced by e-NABLE volunteers are for children. Children grow so fast that they outgrow their prosthetics within one or two years. So parent often won’t buy a prosthetic for a young child. e-NABLE offers them an alternative.

And what is e-NABLE? It is an international community of volunteers who use open source hand and arm designs for 3D printing to make the prosthetics.

Here’s a video about how it all started.

e-NABLE has grown to a community of over 10,000 volunteers who have produced over 3,000 hands and arms for people in over 90 countries. We are proud to be part of e-NABLE. And we invite you to join the community. Badgerhands.org is a streamlined way to get started.


An Amazing Day with the Biomedical Engineering Students

On Friday December 7 I had the honor to review final presentations by three UW Biomedical Engineering undergraduate teams finishing their first semester projects,  on 3 separate design challenges I gave them to make improvements to standard e-NABLE hand designs. The three challenges were: Improve the useability of the thumb on the Raptor Reloaded Add …

UW Madison Biomedical Engineering Teams attack e-NABLE Projects!!

We have a new set of challenges for the rest of this year, and this is really exciting. Over the summer I met Prof. John Puccinelli, the chair of the UW Biomedical Engineering (BME) Undergraduate program. Among his other duties, he arranges for semester- and year-long projects for his sophomore and junior students. He asked …


We are located in Madison Wisconsin. We associate with a Madison makerspace TheBodgery.org, and have major support from the Morgridge Institute for Research at UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute of Discovery.

You can contact us at enable@thebodgery.org. Please do!